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2006 Review: The ten best PS2 games

One of the greatest years in the history of PlayStation?

2006 will go down in history as PlayStation 2's last great year. Not it's greatest year perhaps, the proportion of sequels over quality new titles suggests a console running out of steam. And let's not forget the over-shadowing appearance of PlayStation 3 and the fact that 2007 still promises the release of God of War 2, Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Final Fantasy XII among others for PS2, but as a rousing send off before next March, April, May, possibly even September's release of PS3 in Europe, 2006 will be remembered fondly.

Among other major games, 2006 saw PS2 littered with big-hitters as Tomb Raider: Legend, Onimusha 4, GTA Liberty City Stories, Call of Duty 3, Scarface, Full Spectrum Warrior 2, Hitman: Blood Money, TOCA Race Driver 3, Tony Hawk's Project 8 and Splinter Cell: Double Agent. But what in our view were the biggest and best PS2 games of 2006? Well read on to find out as we reveal the top 10 PS2 games of 2006 (in no particular order).


Canis Canem Edit

Canis Canem Edit - or "Bully" to its friends - might win the most "hyped" game of 2006 award hands down, but you can forget all those gutter-press suggestions that this is simply a child-beating sim. More Grange Hill than GTA, Canis Canem Edit is a clever, often funny school-based romp where the sole is aim to beat the bullies, not join them.

Packed with great mini-games and customisation options, not to mention a thoroughly entertaining plot that bares more than a passing resemblance to classic boobs movie Porkies, this is ironically one of Rockstar's most family-friendly games to date - and easily one of its most accomplished.

Check out the Canis Canem Edit game page here.


LEGO Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy

We knew this would be bloody good, but LucasArts' combination of every 20-something's favourite boyhood toys (LEGO and Star Wars figures) blew us away. Sure, the original LEGO Star Wars was fun in a childish kind of way, but this is PROPER Star Wars with Han Solo and Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader when he was still a scary asthmatic in a black mask with a pink lightsaber.

Huge levels, hundreds of secrets, hours of replay value and a gentle level of fun-poking that even the most obsessive of Star Wars fan would fail to find fault at. Playing this makes us feel like we're ten year olds again. In a very good way.

Much more LEGO Star Wars 2 here.



When Burnout maker Criterion revealed it was working on a first-person shooter we expected something bright, shiny, in-your face and explosive. What we got was an atomic eruption of onscreen destruction and a design philosophy that's been hastily applied to every FPS since. When it comes to bangs, bigger is most definitely better.

Forget the lack of multiplayer or the flimsy excuse for a plot and instead savour a level of gun-sponsored carnage the likes of which PlayStation 2 will never see again. If Criterion ever gets round to doing a PS3 sequel we'll be front of the queue come release day.

Here's everything you need to know about Black. And then some.


Dragon Quest VIII

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