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Guild Wars: Nightfall

An illuminating dissection of the latest chapter in the MMOG saga

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Guild Wars has always had a strong story-driven feel to it, somewhat linearly dragging players through an intricately woven tale - in fact, at times it feels more like Baldur's Gate or a good Final Fantasy than an MMORPG, regardless of quests really not being much more than 'go here, kill this'.

Sadly this two-dimensional questing hasn't really been remedied by Nightfall, with it instead trying to build upon the formula and make it as fun and pretty as possible. It's very easy to get caught up in the storyline, the atmosphere and the vast unconventional scenery that makes up the new continent. However, at the same time you'll feel like you've been there before - maybe not as a Sunspear, and maybe not in a jungle, but you've certainly killed angry mythical beasts, and you've certainly used a combination of direct-damage, buffs and heals to do so.


That's the greatest annoyance of Guild Wars, and consequently Nightfall. The new expansion is a great deal more polished, well-presented and downright fun than most expansions for pay-per-month games, and is genuinely a joy to play. However, no matter how hard it tries, it's doing everything that every other MMORPG does, except with a few old ideas spruced up and hammered in. For instance, the hero system is constructed out of bits and bobs pulled from RPGs from Planescape: Torment to Pokémon, and the main core of the gameplay is the work of every other MMORPG out there. It's not so much that these are bad ideas - far from it - it's more that you've probably seen them a thousand times over.

Contrary to this, Nightfall actually comes highly recommended to both newbies and the elite. While it's a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none, the spit and polish and graphical spectacle thrown at you from the very instant you start is amazing. It's fun, furious, fast, user-friendly and you can get a substantial amount of play out of it no matter what level you are - even from ten minutes of farting about. With a reasonably epic storyline, gorgeous graphics, epic vistas and plenty to do for even the most dim-witted and anti-social of gamers, Guild Wars: Nightfall is definitely worth picking up. It's a case of evolution over revolution, and it's surprisingly good.

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The verdict

EverQuest with added fun and social life

  • Fantastically fun
  • Surprisingly engrossing storyline
  • Absolutely gorgeous to look at
  • Runs on even the piddliest of machines
  • Derivative of just about every other RPG