Sonic the Hedgehog

Faster than a cheetah surfing on a speeding bullet.

The blur of red and blue that speeds across the screen is lightning quick. It grinds rails, collects rings and bashes missile-firing mechanoids into scrap metal as it zips through lush mountainous backdrops, where one false move will see the mini whirlwind chewing the canyons floor in seconds.

Yep, it's Sonic the Hedgehog and - probably because of the freakishly long limbs he has this time out - he seems faster than ever. You can't help but feel like a gaming ninja as you seamlessly bounce across gaps, sprint across walls and skilfully take out a gang of angry robots.


Next-gen Sonic is rammed with speed and slickness. However, while the vast environments promise a sense of freedom, it's still a fairly on-rails games. For example, power forward at light-speed and you'd be forgiven for thinking the chasm ahead is where you'll lose it. But there's always a well placed buffer, rope or conveniently-placed giant hawk to make sure you get to the next platform without coming a cropper.

Right now, Sonic on PlayStation 3 appears to be a massive return to form and looks stunning. We're expecting big things from this trainer-wearing hedgehog come launch date. Next year. (Sigh.)

The verdict

With its luscious detail and breakneck platforming action, were hoping Sonic PS3 can be another classic. More news soon.

PlayStation 3
Action, Platformer