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Canis Canem Edit

Hey, maybe schooldays really are the best days of your life.

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Canis Canem Edit is easy from start to finish and although it's fun, you can't help but feel rather unfulfilled when you get to the end - which we did in just twelve hours. But what it does well is remain focused for the tasks at hand. So if you're on a multi-layered mission and you fail at the second part, you'll start from where you got knocked out (you don't die here) rather than right at the start. Still, though you might complete the missions in a weekend, Canis Canem Edit has so much more to offer in terms of diversity. You can slug it out with the preppies in their boxing club, or you can race for the title of go-kart champion on the special tracks at the carnival. You can even hop on a scooter for a spin around town if you're lucky enough to find one. Check out Welcome To Bullworth Academy for more distractions.


So it's another excellent turn from Rockstar, with little Jimmy Hopkins turning out to be their most charismatic lead ever. You can't help but cheer on the loveable rogue while he battles against the kids and teachers who hate him and, while the majority of the action can be seen in a weekend, there are plenty of thrills that you wouldn't even know about unless you explore Bullworth Town properly. For now, forget about the wait for GTA4, Canis Canem Edit is a model pupil in It's own right and goes right to the top of this year's class .

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Immaculately designed and an absolute joy to play through. The best game of the year so far.

  • Halloween costumes
  • Savage dogs
  • Nerds
  • Jocks
  • Wedgies
PlayStation 2
Action, RPG