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God Hand

Violence really isn't funny. Unless you're punching a clown, that is.

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What isn't so hilarious is the lock-on system. For instance, occasionally you'll kill a character and he/she'll turn into a super-rock demon. This means it's best to kill the harder characters first, just so you don't have to deal with them all at the same time. The trouble is, with loads on-screen, God Hand makes arbitrary decisions about what it thinks you're aiming at, and usually picks someone next to, behind or ten feet away from the man you're actually trying tohit. In extreme situations, we've taken careful bazooka-aim at a group of enemies, then watched as Johnny-posh arm blows his shot on a low-level goon on the sidelines. Later on, it gets incredibly hard - using the lazy design combo of infrequent health packs and incredibly damaging enemies - and so massively frustrating. Gigantic energy bars for the enemies make latter bits a chore. And sometimes - the first fight with boss-lady Shannon, for instance - we seriously considered giving it up. But, tellingly, we didn't. Because although God Hand isn't for everyone, it's fun enough for most people to 'get'. No matter how mad it gets.

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The verdict

So ridiculous you'll wonder if you're actually dreaming it - but still one of the best scrappers in ages.

  • More than 100 fighting moves
  • Near-illegal levels of violence
  • An insane plot
PlayStation 2
Action, Beat 'em Up