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Fight Night Round 3

EA knock out amazing new features for PS3

Great news, people. Not only will EA's Fight Night Round 3 be available from PS3's UK launch in March, but EA have spent the delay time polishing up the look and feel of its superb scrapper and adding loads of PS3 exclusives (so you can forget all about that other next-gen version).

EA are preparing to give a debut to their Get In The Ring mode. This is a first-person view in which you'll be able to jump into the skin of your chosen boxer and view the fight through their eyes, bobbing and weaving away from knockout-inducing blows.

This was test-driven in the PS2 version but you could only defend yourself - now you'll be able to answer back with a few tidy whacks of your own as you duke it out in FPB (First Person Boxing). There's also a curious split-screen multi-player, which lets both players fight this way, with all the usual big hits (stun punch, flash KO and haymaker) to rock your opponent with. And, thankfully, you'll be able to go toe-to-toe over the net as well, as online play has been confirmed. Come on then, we'll take you all on.


On top of all that, Fight Night Round 3 will feature streaming media from the ESPN sports desk. This means that between bouts you'll be able check out all the latest footage, results and radio stations of all ESPN's covered sports - not just the boxing, then. It'll be like The Big Fight Live on your PS3.

The verdict

It looks amazing and we're looking forward to battling for the online crown. Fight Night PS3 will be more solid and visceral than ever.

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