Needs checking: Devil Kings 2 / PS2 screen in studio

Swords, simpletons and Chantelle - they're all involved. Sort of

Devil Kings (or Sengoku Basara) is a simplified version of Koei's Dynasty Warriors series. Which is a bit like trying to imagine a dumbed-down version of Big Brother's Chantelle, but with Capcom as our witness, such a beast does indeed exist. And like a simpler version of Chantelle, we'd imagine that Devil Kings 2 will be fun... for a while at least.

Although this is a crowded market, with Project H.A.M.M.E.R. and Samurai Warriors Wave also waving their blades around in hope of hacking off a slice of the market share, Devil King's special moves and the adrenaline-soaked rush of using the controller as a sword should make it a strong contender.