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PC: The Ones to Watch

Article: Battle of the graphics

A lot's happened in the world of PC gaming already this year. Most notable was the introduction of Microsoft's Games for Windows - Live initiative but there have already been several high profile releases on the platform.

So much so that when we went back to our 2007 PC Game feature we almost had to half it as many games were already on sale. But that's okay because there are plenty more waiting for their chance to conquer the charts. Here's what you should be spending your money on in the run up to Christmas.


German developer Crytek delivered Far Cry - which was its first game - an incredible achievement and a first-person shooter that some regard as better that Half-Life 2. It's no surprise then that anticipation for its second shooter, Crysis, is hitting fever pitch, and it has to be said that to date it appears that the game is going to live up to hopes. The science fiction storyline is a real aliens-hit-Earth classic and we're crossing fingers that the free-roaming gameplay, stunning environments, nuts physics and thrilling action will be blended together to create one scrumptious FPS dish. Don't let us down come November 16.

Check out the Crysis game page here.


Hellgate: London
November 2 sees ex-Blizzard dev maestro Bill Roper return with Hellgate: London. Hell's demons have waged war on the Big Smoke in a FPS-RPG that melds sci-fi and fantasy, and the idea of roaming around London and twatting the shit out of stuff is very appealing. The phrase "infinite replayability" is being attached to the title, with the promise of dynamically generated levels, items, enemies and events - so kind of like Diablo. You play a hi-tech Templar Knight character who, as well being a wielder of magic, is additionally kitted out with hefty firepower, armour and plenty of skills to battle Hell's forces.

Check out the Hellgate: London game page here.


Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
Mythic Entertainment's MMOG based on Games Workshop's fantasy tabletop game is one of two titles in the genre due next year that we're eager to get dirty hands on. Staying faithful to the rich and hugely popular Warhammer world, a major focus is Realm versus Realm combat - PvP mass fighting mayhem, which Mythic has plenty of experience with thanks to developing MMOG Dark Age of Camelot - and having seen the title at this year's E3, we can honestly say that our inner dwarf is frenziedly grooming his beard in anticipation of its arrival.

Check out the Unreal Tournament III game page here.


The Orange Box
Summer 2007, eh? Well, yes that was the original plan but October's more like it now for Valve's party pack. After finishing Episode One, we were desperate to immediately get on with the show but unfortunately that was never, ever going to happen. We're an impatient bunch. Anyway, Episode Two - more Freeman, more quality Valve FPS-ness, outside City 17, in the woods with massive Striders on the attack. And, its coming bundled with Portal and Team Fortress 2. Now that's not to be sneezed at and should keep you busy until the Queen's speech on Christmas Day.

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