All right. So the name does sound like a tropical disease that makes you grow stinging nettles from your ears and octopus tentacles from your armpits. But trust us on this much: a few moments spent playing in this mad tilty-slanty world and you'll be huddled up next to your TV, licking the glass in a desperate attempt to catch Kororinpa fever.

Kororinpa wants you to guide a set of marbles through a treacherous range of three dimensional mazes. A poor man's Monkey Ball? Not quite, no. Kororinpa draws intelligently from video gaming's long and varied ball-steering heritage, combining Marble Madness's mouth-dirtying difficulty with Spindizzy's obsessive knickknack collecting. The latter of which will see you gripping the controller with a vice-like pressure, usually reserved for the formation of diamonds, as you attempt to tilt your way up a winding path in order to obtain that essential last powerup.


There's no danger of it becoming a bit samey, mind, with 20-odd types of ball that each have their own specific properties, be it their size and mass, or a heap of other variables, such as their magnetic field. With the game completed and out there in Japanese stores, we don't expect that it'll be too long before the soap-welding Swear Police come crashing into living rooms in Blighty, after a 270-degree turn launches us into a filthy tirade of abuse that would make even Billy Connolly hide behind his hair.