Army of Two

Two's company for the PS3 crowd

There hasn't been that much news on Army Of Two of late. Recently, this co-op based shooter has kind of slipped from the mind in favour of immediately-available thrills like Resistance and MotorStorm.

But while everyone has been looking the other way, EA have been beavering away on Army Of Two like... well, beavers.

And it's all looking very nice indeed. We've recently seen a bit more of it, and the importance of the co-operative nature of the game - and that of the AI of your partner - is going to be this game's make or break. You can play co-op with a friend (online if you like) but the single-player game uses powerful AI to give the exact same experience. If they can pull off a believable in-game buddy - obeying you sometimes then calling the shots the next - it'll be a true videogames first.

The verdict

Potentially one of PS3's stand-out titles. If EA can get the artificial intelligence on the money, Army Of Two will set a new benchmark.

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