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Resistance: Fall Of Man

Mankind may fall, but PS3 shooters are on the rise...

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There are quite a few species of Chimera loitering about the place. From the aggressive footsoldiers to equally angry behemoths wielding fireball bazookas, Resistance is packed with enemies. There's even a gangly one that sprints towards you like an angry Stephen Merchant. Each of the new aliens offers a fresh challenge to your tactics. Do you use the sniper rifle to pick off the speedy wall-leapers or do you rush into them with your shotgun blazing? Should you lay some acid bubble mines to cover your tracks from the pursuing pack or wait until they're in range and launch into an auto-turret, which will pepper them mercilessly with deadly bouncing bullets? Decisions, decisions.



But even when you think you've got it all sussed out, Resistance has a habit of throwing up something even nastier than before. Take the Stalkers, for instance. They look like a hybrid of ED-209 from the Robocop movies and a particularly large spider as they quickly scamper across the terrain, blasting off rockets and chucking bullets around with their rapid-fire gun turrets. They can take a fair bit of work to bring down, but they have got a weak spot, which we won't spoil for you. Brilliantly, Resistance surprised us by letting us drive them around later in the game. You also get to bomb about in a nippy jeep (with a mounted gun for a mate on the back) and a heavy-duty tank that can clear a rather bloody path with its rockets. Sweet.

And you can play online too. See the supplement free with this issue for the full lowdown on how Resistance online works, suffice to say that it works 'great', whether you're in a select deathmatch with a few of your mates or going balls-out in a 40-strong team game. It's impressive and glitch free - a real surprise for a launch game.

But, while Resistance is action-packed and full of little set-pieces - such as when a helicopter is attacked by a giant squidlike creature (known as an angel) - the story doesn't flow terribly well. Each of the destinations - barely recognisable apart from Cheddar Gorge and London - just feel like bog-standard first-person shooter arenas. You never really get a sense of achievement as you complete a level, as all you'll see is a lifeless cut-scene or a black and white still to piece together the rest of your quest in a particularly uninvolving way. And you never really find yourself warming to the near-mute potato-faced Hale.

But all the same, you can't go far wrong with Resistance: Fall Of Man. For a first stab at a first-person shooter, Insomniac have produced an incredibly slick, exciting PS3 showcase. Buy it alongside your new machine in March and get to see what all the fuss is about.

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The verdict

Too hard at times, but this beautiful vision of an alien-infested Britain makes for a great shooter.

  • Tons of aliens
  • Big guns
  • The lovely British countryside
  • Too hard in places
PlayStation 3
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