Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

The world's top golf pro finally gets to show off

A few months ago, we were moaning about Tiger Woods on PS2. And Tiger Woods on PSP for that matter. We said that they've pushed the game "as far as it can go and are killing time while we wait for the PS3 game." We even went so far as to say that "PS3 Tiger will be brilliant." Hmm. Bold. But that's how we felt after seeing the same game over and over since 2003. Only an injection of major PS3 horsepower could make a difference to one of the most enduring series in videogames.

And that's exactly what Tiger has just got. A shot in the arm of pure PS3 power. Or rather a shot in the eyes. Tiger PS3 just looks loads better than you've ever seen it before. Suddenly the game has the oomph to draw hundreds of spectators, show bushes, trees and rolling grass expanding in sumptuous detail right off into the horizon. The obligatory pre-shot flyover now feels like you've strapped on rocket boots and genuinely flown hundreds of feet into the air. And Tiger's face. Tiger's face! This time the motion-capping includes every grimace or grin. And the game loves showing him off - there's a reaction from the great man for every shot. You really get the impression that the team are finally being let loose and are dining out royally on everything the PS3 can offer.


Screen furniture, such as the familiar power bars, look pin-sharp. The game is able to heap on indicators about your distance from the hole, your lie, your shot, all without encroaching on the fast swathes of green space in the middle. For once (at last) you can actually get an impression of the shot you have to perform because (like real golf) you can frikkin' see it on the screen. The slope of the green, the thickness of the rough. All the indicators are there, but to hell with them: The grass now actually looks thick - so hit it a bit harder.

And the new True Aiming system feels more realistic too. Now, like a real golfer, you aim, you strike and the ball goes somewhere like where you want it. Not perfectly on the money if you've over practised. Golf is a bit random, go with it.

And there's 15 full courses on board. 15! And the series' famous Game Face mode is here (and more frightening and grotesque than ever). Everything else? It's just the same as you remember it - i.e. the best golf game you can buy.

The verdict

Finally. Instead of piling on the modes and features, we get a visibly superior Tiger. Great work.

  • Amazing scenery detail
  • 12 great courses
  • Good tilt pad usage
  • Scarily realistic Tiger
PlayStation 3
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