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Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

Running loose in a mansion, with a Wii zapper? Sounds Evil...

Rather than chauffeuring us to the promised land that is Resident Evil 5, Capcom have instead - it's rumoured - kicked us Wiiites out at the first corner and forced us to trudge through the plot suburbs of Resi Evils past in order to tie up all the loose odds, ends and plot contrivances. We'd grumble through the whole trip if the scenery wasn't so beautiful. Y'know, in an ugly way.

If loose talk on the internet is to be believed, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles is old levels done in a brand new way. Umbrella Chronicles' game engine is similar to Resi 4's, with the same over-the-shoulder viewpoint, but obviously the method in which you shoot whatever's zoning in on you has been 'Wii-ed Up' good and proper.


Lingering rumours wafting around the air, like the tantalising scent of cooked gammon, suggest this might use the Wii-zapper add-on, although from what we've seen and Capcom's talk of melee weapons, there's going to be more to this than just that. But where will we be headed? The pre-release trailer saw us running around RE1's mansion, and other 'chapters' supposedly include RE4's Village and RE2's RPD level.