Dragon Quest Swords

Nicking all its ideas from an old game, excluding the Kenshin sink

Well, this isn't going to be a 'proper' Quest RPG, much to Japan's chagrin (they go as nuts for Dragon Quest as they do for David Hasselhoff in an all-inone leather swimsuit-thong).

Instead, Dragon Quest Swords is built on the foundations of Kenshin DragonQuest, a Japan-only plug-and-play curiosity that saw you swinging a sword at your telly to defeat on-screen monsters. Same deal here, only this time you can use the pointer to launch magic attacks, and the A button to bring up a shield for defence.

Interestingly, there are also some in-town bits that look for all the world like they're pre-rendered in the old Zelda N64 Temple of Time style. We have a feeling this is going to rival Necro-Nesia for all-out rubbishness, but fingers crossed anyway, eh?