Ridge Racer 7

She gets older, but she's still the love of your life

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And the polish extends beyond the tracks and onto the menu screens. Ridge 7 gives the best impersonation of Ridge World' yet - in no small part helped by the net connection that streams real race results and comments along the bottom of the screen. Yes, Ridge is online and loving it. Connection is effortless and it's easy to find yourself racing against a genuine Japanese pro (and choking on their dust). And when you're not racing, you'll waste hours studying other racers' stat points (you earn in-game currency for race results) and dialling through the multitude of options to find your ranking and your name (probably somewhere in the lower regions of the multiple tables.)

It's the ultimate Ridge - glowing with PS3 power and delivering exactly what you want. If you want it.

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The verdict

Impossible to fault, but the feeling of déjà vu puts a downer on PlayStation 3's power.

  • 60fps 1080p racing
  • Online racing
  • Lasting tournament challenge
  • Seen it all before?
PlayStation 3
Namco Bandai
Namco Bandai
Racing / Driving