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Cult Flash game Linerider eyes Wii, DS

Addictive Flash-based game shifts to Nintendo consoles

If you spend hours searching for and playing the best Flash-based games on the internet, you should have heard of Linerider.

First appearing on the 'net in September this year, Linerider is a surprisingly intriguing game that lets you draw your own 2D level full of hills and ramps, then set a little sledder off to slide through the level until a design flaw on your part causes him to wipe out and die. Then you fix the problem and set him off again to see how far he'll get.

With some brilliant physics and total freedom to draw whatever you like in your level, it's easy to get distracted for hours as you try to perfect your level and expand it to epic sizes.

The DS and Wii versions will have new features, expanding on the fairly basic premise of the internet game. We also hope that it'll include some kind of points system and objectives in there too, like a "here's a messed up level - now fix it" sort of thing.

You can check out the game now on the official site and, if we're not mistaken, the Flash-based game should also work on the Wii Opera web browser which launches this friday.