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New COD3 maps in the making

Patch and two waves of maps coming for the WWII shooter

Activision and Treyarch are planning to release a new patch and two waves of multiplayer maps for their latest WWII shooter Call of Duty 3.

In a post on the forums, one CoD3 team member revealed that the upcoming patch will feature a number of game enhancements, the most significant being that "Player Matches through Quick Match will now query a higher number of games before attempting to join, thus returning a better variety and better quality for the player."

"Additionally," the post continues, "we've added some gameplay, HUD and options enhancements. For example, brightness settings will be saved across both single-player and multiplayer; players will be able to instantly punish medics who maliciously team kill and revive continuously; Auto Team Balance will remain turned on after multiple map rotations, ensuring that each team always has an equal number of players; and players will be able to select either Axis or Allies in Ranked Battle games."

The two promised map packs - the Bonus Map (free) and the Valor Map Pack (800 Microsoft points) - are also promised for after Christmas. The Bonus Map apparently contains an arena called Champs which will take players to Port Royal de Champ, while the Valor Pack holds five new maps that will take players to a variety of French locales.