Army Of Two does something new with SixAxis

Finally some new ideas for Sony's tilting controller

The much-talked about tilt-senstive PS3 pad has done little - if not nothing at all - to convince gamers that dropping the rumble feature was the right thing to do. And the current crop of PS3 launch games haven't helped the situation.

So when can we expect developers to actually incorporate SixAxis's functionality into a game where it genuinely adds to the gameplay? Say hello to EA's promising Army Of Two co-op shooter, in development for PS3 and 360.

In the latest issue of US mag PSM, it's revealed that EA Montreal had some tricks up its sleeve that just might work and turn out to be fun. One example comes when a characters uses a mortar. "One character can shoot a probe into the air giving them a bird's eye view of the land," the mag reports. "Using the tilt function, you can aim a reticule of sorts over any target, guiding the mortar's shot to any target."

The second example comes in the form of using the tilt function to steady the zoomed in view with a sniper rifle. Previously games have simulated a shake but now that shake will come from you. Sounds like it could be a bit tricky if you suffer from the old DTs...