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Virtua Fighter 5 bitch slaps 360 in the chops!

Sega confirms the latest version of its VF series will now launch on Xbox 360, as well as PS3

Tecmo's Dead or Alive series is about to get some serious competition for the king of fighters' throne on Xbox 360 in the form of Virtua Fighter 5, previously a PS3 only title.

Hopefully, the fact that VF is spreading out on multiple platforms will give the DOA series a much needed kick up the arse. But Sega's legendary beat 'em up franchise has taken a few knocks of its own over the last few years. Maybe it's just that the genre as a whole has gone as far as it can?

From what Sega is saying, the 360 version will be pretty much the same as the PS3 version. A release date has been penned in for summer '07 on both PS3 and 360.

"The Virtua Fighter series from Sega has one of the most prestigious histories in video games," said Jeff Bell, corporate VP of marketing for Microsoft. "It's a franchise that has grown an army of loyal fans both in arcades and on consoles worldwide, and is consistently rated extremely high by the media. Fighting game fans have been hungry for Virtua Fighter 5 and we can now proudly deliver this game with Sega to Xbox 360 gamers around the world."