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Open Season

Another family film makes the jump to the Wii...

Open Season is the story of a domestic city bear named Boog. Forced one day to leave for the wild, he befriends a one-antlered deer named Elliot and together the two try to make their way through the forest and back to town. Along the way they encounter trigger-happy squirrels, temperamental skunks, and hunters that all threaten to stand in their way.

The game follows the plot of the movie and does a good job of taking some of the better moments and creating levels based on them. Graphically, it's a bit disappointing, however. The textures aren't very sharp and the colour palette can make the levels a bit dull and lifeless. Despite not being able to secure the entire cast from the film, the voice-over work is fairly well done, with the exception of the Martin Lawrence stand-in who somehow voices Boog even worse than Martin did.


Short And Sweet
As opposed to being a typical 'hop n' bop' platformer like the other versions of Open Season, the Wii version is built primarily around a collection of minigames, like throwing skunk bombs and hurling rabbits with the remote. Some are fun, but others are hit-and-miss. Luckily, they're all short and sweet, so even if you don't care for one minigame, it'll be over before you know it. Even the more entertaining gameplay parts repeat too often though, and quickly lose any lustre they had.

The problem with games based on family movies is that developers design with only kids in mind, while the film makers include something for all the family. This single-demographic focus is obvious in Open Season - it's not challenging and it's too short. Appropriate for young kids, but everyone else is likely to finish it in one go.

The verdict

It's a perfect game for young children learning how to use the Wii, but outside of that, even the most die-hard platformer enthusiast may have a hard time sticking with it till the end.

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