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Avatar: The Last Airbender

You won't exactly be blown over by the excitement of this tame game

An airbender. Not a guy who won't shut up during an aeroplane journey, but the star of this rather kiddie-friendly RPG lite. Playing as Aang you wander around simplistically blocky environments whacking beasties with a stick. Quite why a child with the ability to command a ferocious elemental power - albeit the tamest element of the lot, wind - has to resort to bashing things with a stick is totally beyond us.

Why doesn't he tear the villainous firebenders limb from limb with a hurricane, or blow the moisture from their eyes until they are blighted with blinding eye crispiness? Odder still is an opening section that has a hero apparently in tune with Mother Nature caving wolves' heads in with his staff.


Gusts Of Confusion
The whole wind element of the game feels haphazard. Holding B and flicking the remote triggers special airbending attacks - but it's irritatingly pernickety when it comes to recognising gestures, meaning that you never feel like you've quite got the Aang of your powers.

Other wind powers are triggered at set moments by having to inexplicably complete a brief calligraphy task. Painting symbols is perfectly mapped on to remote movement - crying out for a Wii developer to rip off ace PS2 painty-wolf title Okami - but the tasks are too generous in their rewards, even going so far as to label some horribly slap-dash NGamer gimp strokes as 'masterful'. Flattery gets you nowhere though, and we won't return the favour.

The verdict

Button-mashing with a few RPGish stats thrown in. More of a light breeze than a huge hurricane; don't expect to be blown away by this title.

Nintendo Wii
Action, RPG