2007: The ten Wii games to watch

A quiet launch year for Wii? Not with these games on the way...

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Nintendo fans went crazy for Super Smash Bros. Melee, making it one of the most popular games on the console, so it's obviously one of the most important releases for the Wii.

It has already been revealed that the game will play similarly to the GameCube game - even giving you the option to use your GameCube controller to play the game. But Nintendo will be cramming even more characters into the all-star brawler, including Wario, Samus, Kid Icarus and a special appearance from Solid Snake. There's bound to be a whole lot we still don't know about the game, and we've no doubt that it'll be special.


Trauma Center: Second Opinion

One of the most unique games on the DS has been given a makeover for Wii, but even though it's essentially a remake, Second Opinion has receive so many tweaks, changes and additions that even owners of the DS game should check it out.

You use the Wii Remote like a pointer to cut, stitch and inject your patents back to good health, and you use the Nunchuk to change your tools - a control system that works so well that it's almost like the Wii Remote was designed purely for this game. You'll get to use new tools like the defibrillator, tackle new puzzles in operations like rebuilding bones piece by piece, and play as new doctors in an expanded storyline. And with the new ability to change the difficulty setting, one of the most fiendishly tough games on the DS can now also be enjoyed by the not-so-hardcore.

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

Not much is known about Capcom's latest horror ventures apart from the fact that they're cooking up a some zombie-packed goodness for Wii, but the title would suggest that it will be an amalgamation of the plots and events from the past games.

This theory is further supported by the screenshots released, one showing a dining hall in an old-fashioned mansion that looks rather a lot like the mansion from the original Resident Evil. Capcom is yet to even hint at how the game will use the Wii Remote, but we're hoping for some cool motion-sensing gun shooting action to be moulded into the Resi formula. Resident Evil is the biggest horror series ever and we can't wait for its debut appearance on Wii.


Disaster: Day of Crisis

Disaster: Day of Crisis is an interesting one - it's coming straight out of camp Nintendo and yet there's not a Koopa Troopa, cutesy Pikmin or talking fox in sight. It's a realisic survival sim and if Nintendo can work its usual magic, it should be awesome.

The US is being struck by an abnormally large number of natural disasters, and taking advantage of the chaotic state of emergency, a rogue special forces unit has nicked a nuclear weapon. You play as an ex-rescue task force member called Ray as you struggle to survive natures wrath, fleeing from landslides and avalanches in a car, battling to swim through huge floods and scrambling to safety in earthquakes. The short movie clip of a giant city-wrecking wave sweeping into New York looks epic and w look forward to seeing this unique venture from Nintendo.


Metal Slug Anthology

This isn't just any compilation. It's a comprehensive collection of one of the best 2D shooters ever made.

Metal Slug is an absolute classic. It's non-stop chaos, absolutely mind-blowing boss battles and amazingly detailed 2D sprites makes it one old-school shooter that every hardcore gamer should play, and this Anthology gets every game in the series on one disc. So that's Metal Slug 1, 2, X, 3, 4, 5, and the newly released Metal Slug 6. That's a whole lot of shooting to get through, and every game is hard as nails. You'll also be given several control options that use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in various ways, or you can use the Classic Controller. Okay, so it's not going to be pushing any boundaries in the motion-sensing front, but anyone who's even slightly retro should be very excited about Metal Slug on Wii.


No More Heroes

The trailer for No More Heroes (formerly known as Heroes) blew us away, and now we can't wait to see what Suda 51, developer of the crazy Killer 7, has up his sleeve for his first Wii game.

It abstract world seems to be every bit as twisted as Killer 7, with the player setting out to kill the top ten assassins in the world to render himself the best killer alive. The unique, plain-shaded graphics once again mixes with the extreme violence to make for one of the most unique-looking games on Wii, and the strange imaginations of Suda's development team are sure to come up with characters equally as intriguing and twisted as those in Killer 7. Stay tuned for more specific gameplay info in the New Year.

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