Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

Mike Verdu welcomes us back (commander)

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There are important conflicts between that characters that are resolved as the story progresses and there's also an underlying theme for each campaign that you'll find resonating throughout the story, whether it's in the FMVs, the mission objectives or simply conversations you hear on the battlefield. The themes are not explicit but they make you think a little bit - we've got this wonderful sci-fi military action spectacle unfolding, but there's also different levels operating and to me that's the sign of a really good story.

And what's going on in the multiplayer arena?

Verdu: One thing that is unique is that you can broadcast your games out so that thousands of people can watch games in progress, which is just cool. And then there's a whole infrastructure to support clans, tournaments and different stats that you track for yourself.

AI is an area that we really want to punch up. Sometimes gamers get frustrated by having an AI that only rushes or only turtles because people have different styles of play, so we're going to give you the choice of multiple AI opponents that embody different play styles. The seeds for this were planted in Zero Hour when you could play against the different generals, but that's pretty primitive compared to what we're doing now which is a full code-based AI that makes use of multiple tactics depending on the strategy that you're picking to.

The two obvious ones are rushing a turtling; you can play against a very aggressive rushing AI that will be in your face in a very short period of time, or a turtling AI who will go pretty far up the tech tree and launch some probing attacks, but really it's all about the epic battles in the late game - because some people just like to play that way.

We hear you're ditching the traditional C&C-skinned install program for the third instalment - tell us it isn't true?

Verdu: Yeah, it's more of a technical limitation than anything else and where we invest team resources. There will be something when you install the game and it will be something cool, but the classic C&C installers that we've come to know and love I think were somewhat of an artefact of the DOS days - and I did love them, but you'll see that effort put into actually making the game itself feel more immersive, because we want to create a world that you can really lose yourself in.

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