Geometry Wars spreads to PC

After the stamping out of 'clones', Bizarre Creations' original compulsive blaster shoots up Windows

Microsoft has confirmed during its keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show yesterday that Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved will make the leap from Xbox 360 to PC in the near future.

With the game already hitting mobiles, it seems Bizarre is keen to spread the Geometry Wars love to as many gamers as possible. Anyone who has had any contact with the XBLA original will rant about how many hours it has stolen from their lives, with its addictive, psychedelic shoot-'em-up action ensuring that you'll be saying 'just one more go' well into the early hours.

No details have been given as to when the PC version of the game will be released or its pricing (fingers crossed for a budget, Live Arcade-style price), but we'll keep you posted.