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SSX Blur pulls new tricks in Wii trailer

See how the arcade snowboard uses the motion-sensing Wii Remote

This new trailer from SSX Blur shows the new Wii-exclusive boarder in action, complete with two handy Wii Remote icons that reveal how stunts will be pulled with the Wii Remote.

As you fly off ramps, you can perform flips and spins by shoving the Remote left and right, or tilting it forward or backwards. Kicks and grabs are done with A and B.

It otherwise looks like the game will control as normal, using the Nunchuk analogue stick to steer your character, which is good news considering we were dreading an awkward motion-control system that could have ruined a decent game.

It looks pretty good too, and will look even better on your TV. SSX Blur is due to go on sale in March.