Unreal Tournament 2007

Epic's ever-smiling Jeff Morris on the latest stunning instalment

It's hard to believe it's been three years since the king of online shooters ricocheted its last instalment into the PC gaming arena, but luckily for us Unreal Tournament's absence ends soon, with the arrival of the fantastic-looking Unreal Engine 3 spectacular UT 2007.

PC Zone recently spoke with UT's ever-smiling Jeff Morris to find out why Epic thinks UT2007 will lead this year's shooter bonanza. Here's what he had to say...

So the thinking is that this rendition is going to be the ultimate UT for fans?

Morris: We think so! The fans of Unreal Tournament are a diverse group, whether they're hardcore deathmatch veterans who've played every version of UT, or more recent fans lured by the vehicular carnage of Onslaught. UT2007 pushes what people love about the franchise.


In multiplayer, which weapon is most fun?

Morris: For me, it's all about the Necris Darkwalker's primary fire. There's such a kinetic 'oomph' to it - carving this lethal beam through enemies and vehicles alike...

And for people playing on their tod, how have you tinkered with the bot AI?

Morris: We started with the excellent AI of UT2004 and have been layering on features that make these bots feel like human opponents. A great example of that is they miss like humans now (shooting where you would have been), rather than internally calculating 'miss' and then firing in a random direction.

Can you tell us any more about how the changing terrain affects the new Warfare mode?

Morris: We're still experimenting and tweaking various ideas, so I don't want to go into much detail. Maps controlled by the Necris definitely have their own ecosystem.

Can you assure PC fans that UT2007 won't be dumbed down for console?

Morris: It won't be dumbed down in any way, shape or form. Console players crave the same fast-paced action that UT specialises in.

So for you, what's the single, solitary most exciting thing about the new Unreal Tournament?

Morris: I'd have to say the new vehicles. The Necris vehicle team is just so different from anything else out there, so it's a real rush to take these death-machines to battle.