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Dig Dug

We're going deeper underground

Another month, another retro cabinet title. This month, Dig Dug, a musically quirky excavation game from 1981. You take the part of a small miner, who tunnels all around the mostly underground screen trying to remove monsters from your beloved firmament. You kill the monsters by shooting and inflating them with your harpoon, or by dropping rocks on them. If they touch you, you die!

The lower down your enemies are when you kill them, the more points you win. Drop two rocks in a level and nab a root vegetable for big points! As the levels progress, the monsters get quicker and more numerous and different root vegetables crop up.


While the game is perfectly acceptable and quite fun, there's only limited replay value here. It's very cheap, but that doesn't make it very good. This game only features two enemy types, and is one level consisting of a single screen and a limited mechanic. The only challenge occurs when the monsters speed up.

If you're a retro fetishist with a Jeff Minter costume, you might want to download this game, but we don't recommend it!

The verdict

Not quite a shallow grave!

Xbox 360
Namco Bandai
Namco Bandai