An unusual delicacy, not to be bolted

Here's a puzzle; this game uses the Unreal 3 engine and Ageia PhysX (for some of the most realistic physics we've seen in any game), yet manages to cram all this into less than
a 50MB download on Xbox Live Arcade.

Playing the game introduces you to even more puzzles. You take control of the wobbly robot, Blitz, as he defends his space station against an invading alien ship. Blitz's primary ability is picking stuff up - his default weapons are his grabby arms, that can be used to (yup, you guessed it) grab items, spin them about and bang them. Your ultimate aim is to get the giant cannon the station is built around
to fire and nobble the enemies. To do this Blitz runs through 19 themed missions, upgrading as he goes (by collecting Upgradium) to give him better armour and weapons, new abilities, and bigger jumps.


Despite some control issues, the game could have been a full retail game rather than an Xbox Live Arcade title - it's graphically superior to any Xbox or PS2 game, it's not too short and it features some innovative mechanics. Dodgy controls and unclear weaponry let it down somewhat, but otherwise it's a well-built fun machine.

The verdict

A brilliant bucket of robo-bolts!

Xbox 360
Action, Puzzle