Alone in the Dark

"Brand new shots from the French pant-soiler getting us very excited..."

The new Alone In The Dark is turning into an absolutely corking soilyour-- new-trousers-ina- frightened-fashion experience as well as being beautiful. To back this up, Eden has shown off some astonishing bits of footage. The start of the game - in first person - finds Carnby being held hostage by some rather angry chaps with guns. For whatever reason (our Edward's had a good kicking, most likely) everything is a bit blurry, as he struggles to come to his senses. Then some rather perturbing cracks start to run across the seating, which understandably gets Carnby's hosts a smidgen panicky. Then a gas explosion goes off and Carnby makes a wise decision - he legs it. The camera blurs up again, just as one of your nasty captors is pulled violently backwards through a hole in the wall by something that you probably wouldn't take home to meet your mother any time soon.


The camera then flits to third person and shows that Carnby is indeed in a bit of a bad way. Bruised, bloody, a bit singed but alive, he barely has time to compose himself before the room starts to come apart around him Ghostbusters-style and it becomes apparent that Eddie is in actual fact in quite a tall building. Very tall, in fact. It then looks like he's about to fall to his death but just makes one desperate grab for a stone gargoyle on the side of the building as he drops...

It doesn't even have to be scary to be mesmerising - even Carnby getting into his car raises a disbelieving eyebrow. Yes, we know that doesn't sound particularly thrilling, but once you've got into the car you realise that you can fiddle with all the settings in there, Test Drive-style. And we mean everything. The heating, the stereo, the glove compartment, hotwiring the ignition... you name it, you can do it. And, of course, it just looks so damn good. Scarily so...

The verdict

This is looking more and more like a must-have title, and is definitely not for the faint hearted. We're just glad we always keep a spare pair of underpants. It's exhilarating, arse-clenchingly stuff and we love it. Now we have to wait...

Xbox 360
Eden Games