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Multiplayer Crazy Taxi racing to PSP

Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars hits PSP with first-in-the-series co-op and versus multiplayer options

Sega is shrinking its bonkers arcade game Crazy Taxi down to portable size exclusively for the PSP, and enhances the traditional passenger carrying gameplay with all-new multiplayer options.

The maps from both of the original Dreamcast games, San-Fran-inspired Crazy Taxi and Crazy Taxi 2 set in New York, will be included in Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars. And the new wireless multiplayer will let two players compete against each other, bumping into their opponent's car to steal their passengers, or co-operate to rake up a massive score.

The single-player experience will boast the familiar mission-based Arcade Mode, Time Trial, and Training.

Fare Wars will racing it's way to stores in summer 2007.