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LMA Manager 2007

LMA hits the back of the net once again.

The LMA games are an excellent set of football management titles. We know that. The problem is that every plaudit they've received comes with a qualification: they're the best football management sims... on PS2. This bit is important because it shows that people know PS2 isn't the natural home of management. LMA has always had to overcomePS2s limitations, making it the equivalent of an FA Vase winner compared to the World Cup winning performance of a certain other game on a certain other format.

Management sims need memory - big chunks of it to allow for extensive databases and huge amounts of info that can be tossed around in seconds. LMA on PS2 doesn't have that, which means it takes a long time to do anything. Just moving to the next day is struggle, as the little LMA brain has to work out the results from multiple leagues and still find time to tell you that Tony Warner has been released by Fulham on a free. This all becomes frustrating. Then there's the match engine. This used to be a strength of LMA, but now looks awkward, with its odd player models and looping ball physics. Compared to that of PES Management (and even Let's Make A Soccer Team), it's some what less than authentic.


Despite all this though, LMA has one quality that has always been there and will serve it well when it moves to PS3 - and that's a true understanding of football. Transfers are realistic, board expectations make sense and more importantly, you can always see the effect of your formation tweaks on the pitch - which gives you confidence to try and be thoughtful and creative, rather than random or predictable.

If you've played LMA before, then you know what you're getting. If not, it's worth checking out - Codemasters really know their onion bags.

The verdict

Another solid LMA. Cant wait for it on PS3, tho.

PlayStation 2
Sim / Strategy, Football