Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

And don't forget the new Gear on PSP too

This is the game that all those who found Metal Gear Acid a little disappointing have been waiting for - a full Metal Gear experience designed to assert itself as a vital part of the MGS canon.

Set in 1970 after the events of Snake Eater, gamers take control of Big Boss as he attempts to resolve a bloody revolt in South America - started by his old unit, FOX. The plot should fill some of the gaps in the series timeline between Snake Eater and the original Metal Gear. More importantly, rather than the card-tossing action of Acid, Portable Ops is the familiar blend of stealth and action that we've come to worship on the PS2. There are some differences, however, such as Snake's ability to pump captured guards for info or persuade them to join his cause, allowing him to build up a squad of three men. Then gamers can switch between control of the squad wherever they are on the game map. We'll have loads more on this very soon indeed.