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Star Wars: Next-Gen

Feel the Force - and then use it to fling stormtroopers about

Released exclusively to subscribers, this footage of an as-yet unnamed PlayStation 3 Star Wars game shows an ultra-powerful Jedi using the Force to defeat groups of stormtroopers and, most amazingly of all, destroy a TIE fighter as it flies towards him, lasers blazing. The trailer opens with the words "next generation pre-vis", which would indicate that it's pre-rendered - pre-visualization is a technique used by film directors to create digital storyboards of scenes before they're filmed. Nevertheless, it's an indication of things to come, and from the ideas on display here next-gen Star Wars will have a lot in common with telekinesis-heavy action games like Psi-Ops and Second Sight.

But who are the two Jedi featured? Seems that the dream of playing as Darth Vader will remain a dream. That said these Jedi are mighty powerful and could have probably won the Clone Wars single handed. Are they some kind of God among Jedi. Or souped-up mutants. Or something else?

But tedious fanboy excitement aside, the prospect of using overblown physics and destructible levels to batter stormtroopers is irresistible. During the trailer a Jedi picks a group of them up and sends them careering across the room, destroying nearby objects in their wake. He also lifts one up and jerks him up and down, whacking him against the floor repeatedly. Cruel, but exactly the kind of thing we'd get up to if we had Force powers. Bizarrely, the other doesn't once use the lightsaber he's holding, but if you can't chuck it about with the Force in the fi nished game, we'll eat our Mandalorian battle helmets. As a teaser for the next wave of Star Wars games this makes us suitably eager to play, but the bad news is that we've been told that further game details won't be revealed until next year. One thing is sure though. When it breaks cover, we'll have it first.

The verdict

Chucking TIE fighters around and slamming stormtroopers into walls is how the Force should be used. Things are looking good so far.

PlayStation 3
Action, Adventure