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New Bomberman DS screens

A healthy bomb bag of screens for the old-school eight-player battler on DS, Bomberman Land Touch!

Bomberman Land Touch! hit American stores just before Christmas, but for those of you still awaiting a UK release, here are a bunch of new screens showing off the adventure mode.

In the new adventure, you explore a pirate theme park called Bomber Island, defeating enemies in a number of different puzzles to earn gate keys and unlock new areas.

Sounds pretty generic to us, and we're still not sure if any Bomberman game will ever have an adventure mode that lives up to the awesome multiplayer experience. But it's our old friend Bomberman, so we're willing to give it a shot. And if it's rubbish, there's always the wireless eight-player battle mode to make up for it.

Bomberman Land Touch! has yet to be given a UK launch date. We wish they'd hurry up about it.