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Xbox Live Video Marketplace to make $726 Million

North America-only XBL download service to rake in the dosh for MS, report suggests

In a report titled 'Spotlight on Television 2.0 Leaders: Microsoft Corporation' published by Emerging Media Dynamics, Microsoft is estimated to make an astonishing $726 Million from Xbox Live movie and TV revenue by 2011.

Emerging Media Dynamics expects the Xbox Live video download service to grow massively over the next 12 months, with combined revenue of TV shows and movies via Xbox Live touted at $92.25 million in 2007, growing further each year until total sales top the $726 million figure in 2011, it is predicted.

Xbox Live Video Marketplace is currently only available in North America, where Xbox 360 users can download standard and high-definition television shows and 'rent' movies for single-viewing only.

There's currently no news on when - or if - Video Marketplace will make it over to the UK, but seeing as the recently-accounced Xbox 360 IPTV servicehas been confirmed for our shores, we'd be surprised if Video Marketplace service didn't make the trip as well.