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Neversoft develops Guitar Hero?

Rumours abound that development of the franchise has been split. Updated with new Xbox 360 shots

Tony Hawk developer Neversoft is advertising vacancies to work on future Guitar Hero games, suggesting that the game may now have two studios working on it.

Guitar Hero hit the big time with both the first and second instalments of the game and the series only looks to grow with an 80s version, that we've been told is currently in development.

Harmonix has been responsible for all Guitar Hero games so far but speculation is mounting that Tony Hawk developer Neversoft has been brought on board by Activision to develop further versions.

Whether this means that Neversoft will develop all Guitar Hero games going forward or that Neversoft and Harmonix will now create different versions is unclear, thanks to Activision staying tight-lipped on the subject.

A source close to the game has told CVG that "if there are now two developers working side by side on different versions of the game, it can only be a good thing for fans."

Basically the turn around of creating songs and localising them for the European market would increase and we'd get more tracks to air guitar to. And that's why it's a good thing. Two developers mean more songs and expansions.

Expect an announcement from Activision soon.