Critical glitch plagues Twilight Princess

Beware of a save-game glitch that makes the game impossible to finish

A small number of gamers playing the latest of Link's epic adventures, Twilight Princess on Wii, have encountered a glitch that permanently blocks their way forward, essentially forcing them to start again.

According to one forum post, it would appear that saving your progress at a specific point in the game (look away if you're avoiding spoilers) - right after thawing out the frozen Zora's domain - activates the glitch which prevents a subsequent cutscene, in which a new path is opened, from being triggered.

This prevents the player from being able to reach their next objective, and because this glitch occurs after saving your progress, your save file is essentially rendered useless. Those without an alternative save file are forced to start again.

If you've come across this, or any other glitch in Zelda, let us know in the Comments section below. Meanwhile, CVG has put this to Nintendo and will report any official feedback.