Ubisoft remains tight-lipped on Driver Wii

But announcements expected later this month, we're told

Despite growing speculation (and belief) that Driver: Parallel Lines is currently in devlopment for Wii, Ubisoft remains defyant in our plees to confirm its existence.

Rumours of the Wii port surfaced when it appeared in what internet reports claimed to be a leaked Ubisoft release list.

The then unheard of Cosmic Family, which also appeared on the same list, was officially announced yesterday, lending weight to the list's accuracy.

CVG contacted a Ubisoft correspondent today regarding the matter, and although they declined to confirm the rumour, they did say we can "expect Ubisoft to make announcements later this month."

With EA's Godfather confirmed to be Wii-bound, it seems there'll be no lack of urban gangster games on Nintendo's new console.