EA reveals Battlefield 2142 booster pack - whoops!

Three new maps, two new vehicles, new unlocks and awards forthcoming, says reports. UPDATED

A booster pack for Battlefield 2142 is scheduled for release this spring, it's been reported.

According to fansite Planet Battlefield, a product page for Northern Strike appeared on the official BF2142 website but was then taken down - however, not before the site took a screenshot of the page.

"The Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike Booster Pack brings all-out infantry-focused battles into new snow-covered battlegrounds across Europe," the product page states, informing that "Three new maps provide the setting for the Booster Pack. High up in the Alps the EU uses launch pods to launch an assault on a PAC Titan docking harbour on the map Port Bavaria. Bridge at Remagen, the scene for one of WWII's major battles, is once again the setting for intense battles as both sides fight to secure the bridge. Finally, night has fallen when the EU launches their assault on the city in the Liberation of Leipzig."

It adds: "Battlefield 2142: Infantry Storm offers an asymmetrical vehicle set-up with one new vehicle available to each army. The heavy IFV Goliath is a massive, slow-moving firing platform available to the EU, the attacking side, only. It is used to provide cover, as well as health and ammunition, to nearby infantrymen. The fast-moving hovering light IFV Speeder, available to the defending PAC only, is an efficient vehicle killer when staffed by a well coordinated pilot/gunner team."

It's additionally mentioned that Northern Strike features 10 new unlocks, 10 new awards, that Titan mode will be present in two of the new maps and all three maps feature "Tweaked Conquest-assault gameplay".

We've been on the blower to EA to get confirmation on the booster pack and are currently awaiting a response. UPDATE: EA has got back to us saying there's an announcement along these lines due tomorrow afternoon "that will answer your questions".