Bionicle Heroes

Interview: First LEGO adventure hits Wii

CVG interviews Bionicle Heroes' producer on Eidos' plans to bring the game to Wii with tweaks and touches aimed at taking advantage of the Wii Remote and Nunchuck.

The Wii version comes hot on the heels of PlayStation 2, PC, GBA, DS and 360 versions. Essentially the game is the same as previous versions but Eidos believes that Wii's unique control system will breath new life into the game. The game is currently scheduled to ship alongside massive chocolate eggs this Easter.

For more on the Wii version we caught up with producer Luke Valentine.

How will the game take advantage of the Wii Remote?

Valentine: The freedom the Wii Remote has given us with the controls for Bionicle Heroes allows us to bring the player into the world in a way we simply could not accomplish on the other formats. The Wii version allows the player to explore the island of Voya Nui using the Wii Remote to operate the camera and the Nunchuck controller for movement and strafing.

You can also use the remote to fire weapons by using the trigger. It's this sense of exploring in three dimensions that the Nintendo controllers give the player.

Is this a brand new game for Wii?

Valentine: Bionicle Heroes on Wii is not a brand new game, however controlling the game with the Wii Remote and the Nunchuck makes this a different experience to the previous Bionicle games.

What makes the franchise so popular in your opinion?

Valentine: The Bionicle action figures have a unique, edgy design and a classic good vs. evil fiction. They are very collectible because new heroes and villains come out every year in sets of six; and they're affordable and come in attractive canisters. Of all the LEGO franchises, Bionicle seemed to be crying out for a video game, especially with such cool characters as the latest Toa Inika and Piraka.

Tell us a little about the game?

Valentine: You play as a hero who can take the form of any of the six Toa Inika through collecting masks that can be found in the levels. As the hero, your role is to rid the Bionicle world of Voya Nui from the villainous Piraka who have taken over.

It's basically a shooter for kids with an easy control and aiming system. Everything that you shoot breaks into LEGO pieces and these are collected to purchase upgrades between levels. LEGO can be broken and re-formed in the levels so players get to feel as though they are playing with it.

Any multiplayer options?

Valentine: There's no multiplayer. Bioncle Heroes is a single player game.