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Call of Duty 3 map pack broken on Xbox Live

After purchase and download the latest CoD3 update erm, doesn't work, claim reports

The release of the latest Call of Duty 3 map pack has been tarnished today by a rather large bug; according to various reports, once you've purchased and downloaded the update you can't actually play it. We wonder how that one slipped past Microsoft?

Publisher Activision has since responded to the bug reports, claiming that it is already working on a solution:

"We understand that there are problems with the Valor map pack once it is downloaded - we are working closely with Microsoft on this right now, and we will have the issue resolved as soon as we possibly can. Please hold tight, and I will follow up with an update as soon as we're closer to a solution."

Have you managed to get the pack working? Let us know in the comments section below.