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Feature: The worst box art ever

Proof that you shouldn't judge a game by its cover

To think back in the innocent days on the NES and Atari we used to judge our next game purchases solely on how pretty the boxes on the shelf were - which probably explains why we didn't pick up any of the games below back in our school days.

Yes, this is our collection of the worst game box art ever created. With the gargantuan billion-pound marketing machine that powers today's games industry, it's hard to believe that game box art quite this bad made it into the shops but it did, and we're having great fun pointing and laughing at them from our desks.

So without further ado, here are the worst culprits:


Tommy Lasorda Baseball (Mega Drive)

We have no idea who he is but already we don't like him. Why is he pulling that facial expression? Is he on the toilet? Is that ball floating? Either way he must be quite good at what he does, because Sega decided to brand him up like a blimp - and lord knows the company never made any mistakes back in the Mega Drive days.


Pulse Racer (Xbox)

This is Photoshop wizardry at its finest. We'd like to think that Jaleco suddenly realised at the last minute that it needed some fancy packaging for Pulse Racer, and sent Barry - that bloke from accounts with Paintshop Pro - to whip something up sharpish, but sadly they probably put lots of thought and effort into this garbage packaging.


Bomberman (Turbo Grafx)

To be honest we don't ever remember Bomberman looking like this, but apparently Hudson's original vision for the pyromaniac videogame star was simply a burly bloke in an incredibly camp bomb suit. The thighs on the blue bloke at the back could kill a man in an instant - terrifying.


Ico (PS2 - US)

It is an absolute crime that one of the most gorgeous and artistically brilliant games of recent years has been wrapped in this absolute toilet packaging for the US - especially considering the European box is probably good enough to include in a 'best game box art' list. We hate it.


Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Master System)

Our colleague's remark: "What the bloody hell", probably says it best when describing this frankly, twisted and disturbing Wonder Boy in Monster Land box art. Look at his face! He's truly enjoying spilling the blood of that poor red knight - we'd guess he's going to have a cheeky drink from his leaking wound as well, the sick freak.


Bubble Bobble Revolution (Nintendo DS)

A thousand questions surround this box art, but the most nagging is probably why, when the series spans over a decade of much-loved releases - Rising Star can't put the effort in to draw the bloody characters properly. They look like beered-up and shaved Furbys - and we're not even going to start on the arms...


Mega Man (NES

The all-time classic. The chaps behind the western box art of the original Mega Man seemingly threw all actual game reference out the window, and spawned this Max Payne-esque fellow with no-kneck and a gun. They must've done it on purpose, surely?


White Van Racer (PS2)

We have no idea what this game is but we need to play it. The possibilities are endless; custom dirt decals ("I wish my wife was this dirty"), character building and classes (Mastic man, chippy) and of course Burnout-style bonuses for near-misses and cutting people up at junctions. Here's hoping it's in the GAME bargain bin at lunchtime...

Post yours below...