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Everquest II: Echoes of Faydwer

Strap on your pixie-wings

A great deal of MMOs forget the concept of value-for-money with their expansions, but EverQuest II: Echoes Of Faydwer delivers bountifully to both the wide-eyed, rat-stabbing newbies and the 12-hour-a-day elite maniacs.

Opening up another of the ruined continents of Norrath, new players can start as the miniature winged Fae or take the boat over to Faydwer to experience the new content, which covers the entire spectrum of levelling - you could even stay there from level 1 through 70 if you really wanted to; there's enough monsters, dungeons and quests to fight through.


They've added two new, lighter trade-skills in the form of tinkering (for making little gadgets) and transmuting (basically a copy of the WOW enchantment system), which require less effort than the current trade-slogs. Old EQ players will also be greeted with various throwbacks to the original, ranging from the starter city of Kelethin for the Fae, to the Steamfont Mountains, to the end-game content inside Castle Mistmoore. The new continent is huge, varied and does a fantastic job of keeping the grind as invisible as possible - even better than WOW at times.

While it's not necessarily going to bring in new players, Echoes Of Faydwer is as attractive as it is bolstered with new content - everyone from hardcore trade-skillers to constant raiders to newbies are catered for. If you've got the time for an MMO, this may be worth a try; if you're an established EQ2 player, this is absolutely essential.

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A fairy good time

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