WIN! PSP and Rocky Balboa

Two PSPs and five copies of Rocky up for grabs

Thanks to our friends at Ubisoft, we've got five copies of the latest pocket-sized brawler, Rocky Balboa, and two shiny new PSPs to give away to lucky readers.

You know the deal - correctly answer the question below and your name will go into our giant cyber hat, where our super computers (non-DVD-running Pentium IIIs) will pick the lucky names at random.

So two main prize winners get a copy of the game and a new PSP to play it on, and three runners up get the game. If you don't have a PSP, that would be a good time to get one.

Just make sure you're over 16 (go on, make sure) before you enter because that's the game's rating and we don't want any angry parents on the phone shouting because their easily-influenced little Johnny thought it reasonable to apply their PSP boxing skills to real life and punch their granny to death... or something.