Steve Hogarty gets the latest on Crytek's ice-cold island stunner

Having already rammed our faces into the ample, jungley bosom of Crysis and shaken our heads from side to side like a wet dog, we decided to rendezvous with Crytek once again to find out what they've been up to since our paths last crossed.

Recent months have been spent getting multiplayer just right, claims Jack Mamais, producer of Crysis, not to mention endlessly replaying the single-player 'action bubbles' to refine the minute-to-minute gameplay.

"You can use the nanosuit and weapons modifications to change your play style as you face different tactical situations," he explains. "If the objective is to infiltrate and clear a village, you can use the cloaking system and the binoculars to carefully mark all of the enemies on your radar. Then you can use a silenced weapon or melee attacks to take out the guards silently. If you find yourself caught between two huts, you can use your suit's strength ability to quickly jump onto a roof to fire a couple of shots from above.

"Then you can punch a hole in the roof and drop inside to get behind cover again. If the enemy has all exits under fire, punch out a wall and use the speed ability to get to a new position. Or change to incendiary ammo, take off the silencer, dial up your suit's armour ability and face them off."

Moving seamlessly from punching walls to the new multiplayer mode 'Power Struggle', Mamais continues. "The buy system makes vehicles and advanced weapons really valuable for the individual player and his team," he claims. "It rewards teamplay and tactical decisions - you can earn prestige points by helping your buddies capture and defend factories or by sharing vehicles. Depending on your play style, you can have anything between a quick infantry skirmish and a vehicle battle lasting hours. It's also designed to offer objective-based gameplay which makes it feel almost like a single-player game with lots of very intense enemies."

As for Mamais' preferred method of play? "Lately, the first things I buy in multiplayer are a submachine gun with a silencer plus a sniper scope," he confides. "As for the nanosuit, I switch between speed for quick dashes to get close, and strength for a high jump and a melee attack from above - pure ownage."

Also rumoured is a sequence inspired by a scene from Jurassic Park: The Lost World, in which raptors stalk their prey through a field of long grass, effectively invisible save for the telltale movements of the grass around them. It doesn't take much imagination to picture this recreated in Crysis using the game's excellent foliage, with the obvious insertion of aliens rather than velociraptors.

Now all we need is a cocky hunter who gets his comeuppance in the form of vicious death at the tendrils of an alien, and we've got an instant classic on our hands.