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300k PS3 units for UK at launch

Semi-official Sony blog ThreeSpeech "confidently" predicts UK allocation

The UK can expect to get 300k PS3s at launch on March 23, semi-official blog ThreeSpeech has reported.

"We've been thinking/speculating/joining-the-dots/piecing snippets of info together over how many units the UK is likely to have initially (at day one of retail)," reads the site. "The UK market accounts for approximately 25-30% of European business. We therefore confidently predict that the UK will have around 300,000 units at the outset."

If true then that's a lot more than Xbox 360 and Wii launches. "Sticking with the maths, from figures we have to hand, we think this will amount to more than the combined number of Wii and 360 consoles that were initially shipped," adds the site.

Expect word on other European territories soon.