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Supernatural-powered Infernal screens

Heaven and Hell's forces clash in stealth-shooter on PC

Infernal, for those unaware, is a third-person stealth-shooter dealing with conflict between Heaven and Hell. Due out Q1 2007, new screenshots have been released.

In the game, which is developed by Metropolis, you play Ryan Lennox, a supernatural-powered special agent working for Hell's elite forces, know as the Abyss. Lennox, formerly operating for Heaven's elite forces - the Etherlight - before being booted out through the pearly gates is now caught up in events involving the assassination of Abyss forces and the potential collapse of Hell.

Is it just us, or is the premise a bit... weird? Anyway, we're promised that the storyline's of the gripping variety and that the action's stunning with Lennox totting powerful weapons and supernatural infernal powers. You can find out just how good it is by downloading a demo, which should be available from at noon today.