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Exclusive: Crysis multiplayer beta details

Announcement on beta programme due soon along with multiplayer surprises, Crytek tells CVG

Crysis fans will be given a chance to blast their way through the game's multiplayer component thanks to a public beta, we can reveal.

In an interview to be published in full later this week, Crytek president and CEO Cevat Yerli revealed that the developer will soon "announce our beta program plans" for multiplayer "to experience [it for] yourself". We're assuming that "yourself" is aimed at the general gaming public and not solely CVG.

Yerli added that Crysis multiplayer "is progressing great", revealing Crytek has "some surprises here and there for our beloved fans."

As soon as Crytek releases full details on the multiplayer beta, we'll let you know. In the meantime, wing your way over to our Crysis game page to read up on the multiplayer component.