Tetsuya Mizuguchi

Rez and Lumines man talks Every Extend Extra and his next project

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Now I can talk with everybody, in any media, not just game consoles by PC and mobiles. So if I want to make a music video for example, I can do that. Things have totally changed for me.

Talking of music videos your produced track Heavenly Star has done really well - is that the start of a bigger music career for you?

Miz: I learned a lot and got a big influence from that kind of process. Making Heavenly Star might even give me a big influence in a future game. I want to keep that kind of parallel creation going, and think about what the next Heavenly Star is for some future project.

What do you think of the current state of the Japanese games industry?

Miz: There are many, many developers watching the Wii and Nintendo DS in Japan and I think those consoles have a very worldwide appeal. You don't need the hi-res, hi-def technology. It's a very clear concept; playing games using your body.

With the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 you need to put in a lot of detail, so it's very difficult to create only one thing that appeals to the whole world. In two or three years I think Nintendo will be very strong in Japan.

Does Nintendo's current Japanese dominance worry you at all? Is it healthy for the industry?

Miz: No I don't care about that. We never think about the console, we think about what kind of game or experience we want to create and then decide what the best console or media for it is. So if I think 'oh this is a good game for Wii' or 'this is a good game for DS' we will do that.

You've traditionally been a PlayStation-centric developer. What are your first impressions of the PS3?

Miz: I don't exactly know what the PlayStation 3 is yet. At the time of PlayStation 2 many people wanted to watch DVDs like The Matrix so they needed to buy a DVD player, but now I don't know how big the motivation is to watch hi-def movies on Blu-ray disc.

I don't feel such a big impact like with PlayStation 2 era, but I think the motivation is in the many wants; 'I want to play a game', 'I want to watch hi-def movies', 'I want to connect online with other people' - I think they could combine to become one big motivation, but I don't feel such a big motivation in the PS3 yet.

Sony has always had very good concepts, like with the PSP - it's not only a game console; you can listen to music and watch movies.

You've mentioned wanting to work on a successor to Rez before. Is there any chance of that happening?

Miz: No (laughs). I'm really aggressive to make the next game - It's a big motivation to me, to create something. I always have the concept and the ideas - I'm always thinking about what kind of game I should make if I get to make Rez 2.

I don't know if the next game should be Rez 2 or some new title. I have a big reason to make that kind of new experience because technology is changing; hi-res, 7.1 surround. I'm ready to go.

If you were to approach Sega with the idea do you think it would be a problem?

Miz: I don't think so. I still have really good communication with Sega.

You've said before that you believe your best game is yet to come. Will your next title be that game?

Miz: Probably. It must be (laughs). I hope the next game will be the best game in my career.

So what are your plans for the rest of the year?

This coming year and the next I'm concentrating solely on game making in a director's role. It will be my last - hurrah (laughs).

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