Darwinia released for Vista

Cult strategy game gets a makeover and new levels for release on the new Windows OS

A Windows Vista version of Introversion's PC strategy game Darwinia is now available via the MSN Vista games page for $19.95 (about 10 quid).

Darwinia's become a cult classic and features a weird yet wonderful art style, the game focusing on a tribe of nomadic sprites that players have to save from doom and destruction.

A move to Vista means enhancements for the game. A switch from OpenGL to DirectX introduces new and improved visual effects, there's support for the Xbox 360 controller and three new levels have been added.

Introversion says that now it's finished work on the Vista version of Darwinia "we plan to make a Darwinia patch available to everyone that encorporates [sic] all the new features and enhancements we've written."

The developer also promises that "We've got some cool new stuff planned for Darwinia in the future and this is just the beginning."